10 Data Entry Jobs That Can Be Done from Home

Data entry jobs have always been desirable, and doing them from home is an easy way to make extra money on the side or a full-time income. However, you need to be careful when signing up for an at-home position, because there are hundreds of data entry scams that are not a legitimate way to earn money.

In this article, you will find the top 10 data entry companies and opportunities that are 100% legit and will allow you to make extra money on the side or as a full-time job. You can find out what type of work each of these opportunities offers, their requirements, and their pay rate for the ones that are listed.

1. Xerox

Xerox provides data entry jobs to people who wish to work from home. Based off results from job sites that post Xerox data entry jobs, the base average pay for these types of jobs is between $12.83 to $13 an hour. To apply to these jobs, you must apply through their website. The basic requirements for most of their data entry jobs include:

- Experience with 10-key systems
- GED or High School Diploma
- 0-3 Years of Experience
- Must adhere to strict deadlines
- Must be able to find discrepancies within lists of numbers

. 2. QuickTate

QuickTate has been in business since 1999, and they are consistently hiring people to transcribe both audio and written documents. They provide diverse sets of jobs for their transcriptionists to choose from. Their average pay is quarter of a cent per word transcribed, and if tests are passed, you must pay for a background check, which costs $15 before finalizing the process. Their basic requirements include:

- Pass a typing test
- Must have accurate punctuation and spelling
- Can't have any misdemeanors or felonies on their record
- Must have typing accuracy
- Pass a QuickTate Guidelines test
- Experience in transcription and can work independently

3. DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions has been in business since 1999, and they provide their services to clients throughout the United States. They have in-house positions, but they also offer work-from-home positions. They pay bi-weekly, and the average pay reported is $490 a week. To work for DionData Solutions, you must meet several requirements, but the major ones are listed below and apply to application@diondatasolutions.com:

- Must be a United States resident
- Must be able to type 60 WPM
- Must be able to work independently without direct supervision
- Must be skilled with computer tools, like email, downloading files, and internet
- Must have a stable internet connection
- Must have a home desktop that has Windows XP or higher

4. DataPlus +

DataPlus + is a data entry company based in Georgia since 1992. They hire people to work from home doing data entry work. They don't publicly disclose their requirements, but based on reviews, they do inquire about applicants WPM and current employment. Although they don't disclose pay rates, it is likely that they pay per word. To apply to their company, you have to inquire about openings to their public e-mail address, info@dataplus-svc.com.

5. GorgeWarehouse.com

They provide at-home positions that pay an hourly wage, and their data entry positions are classified as flexible scheduling. These positions require employees to enter data into their internal database and website. They pay a flat $10.50 an hour, and you can apply to their positions by applying to their website. Their basic requirements are:

- Must proofread
- Must type 30 WPM
- Experience in Excel, Word, Access, and Outlook

6. SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite hires at home transcriptions to transcribe their clients audio and written documents. They pay cent per word typed, and transcriptionists are payed bi-weekly through check or direct deposit. To apply, you can fill out their application on their website, and a few of their main requirements include:

- 60 WPM with minimum of 90% accuracy
- Own a personal computer with Windows 7.1 or 8, a foot pedal, earphone, printer, and more
- At least 12 months of transcription experience in the past 5 years

7. Rev

Rev hires people to type captions for tv shows, movies, and online videos. They do not list their requirements publicly, but they do hire quickly. They pay an average of $.40 to $.75 per video minute, and they only pay through PayPal on a weekly basis. You can fill out an application on their website, and the process usually takes around 48 hours or less.

8. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is a Canadian based transcription company, and they pay $.004 a word and $.40 per audio minute. To apply for a position with them, you need to click their apply for work button on their website, and below are just a few of the requirements they require:

- Minimum of 70 WPM
- Quiet Workspace
- High quality earphones and broadband internet
- Personal Windows 10 computer with 4 GB of RAM
- Must work independently

9. Babbletype

Babbletype is a transcription company that pays $.20 per minute transcribed, and they pay every Thursday through PayPal. You can apply with this company on their website, and you can begin work promptly after passing their test. To work for them, a few of their basic requirements include:

- Must be reliable
- Must be native English speaker
- Must have good internet and personal computer
- Must be willing to work a few hours a day
- Must be able to pay attention to detail
- Must have basic typing, grammar, and internet research skills

10. Axion Data

Axion Data provide a competitive data entry opportunity, and they generally pay $5 to $9 per assignment. They don't hire often, but you can email your contact information to them on their website to inquire about a job. Their main requirements include:

- 2-3 years of experience
- Must have a windows or Mac PC with high-speed internet
- Must type 50 WPM with 100% accuracy

Other Home Opportunities Involving Data Entry

There are three major micro job websites that allow you to earn a little extra money with small data entry tasks.

- Microworker
- Amazon Mechanical Turk
- Clickworker

These sites do not specifically hire people, but they provide tasks that people who are signed up on their website can pick up if qualified. Data entry tasks are common on these websites, and provide a laid-back alternative to the more stressful full-time at home data entry opportunities.


As you can tell, there are plenty of legit work at-home opportunities that involve basic data entry positions. However, there are even more scams, and it is important to do research before taking on any of these jobs. A good rule for finding a legit job from home is researching them and paying attention to the requirements that they ask for before taking on the job.

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