How to Land that Perfect Remote Job During the Current COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 health pandemic has highlighted the benefits of working from home. Those workers who were able to easily transition into a remote position are in a better place to weather this economic storm with their job intact. It is understandable to want to transition to a remote job during this time of uncertainty. Not only are telecommuting positions more convenient, but they also give you the flexibility of not having to interact with others should a second wave of COVID-19 occur later this year. Here are five tips to keep in mind to help you to land that perfect remote job for your skillset and personal preferences.

Start Your Search With Trusted Sources

It is important to realize that there are a lot of scams out there when it comes to online job promotion. These scammers are becoming even more prevalent as they see the opportunity to prey on individuals who are desperate for employment. Many vendors are simply looking to take your money without the promise of a guaranteed job. Be wary of any offer that requires that you invest your own money upfront. In order to avoid being taken advantage of, you should concentrate your job search using trusted sources. A reputable recruiting company or job search platform will vet all of the potential opportunities for you, taking the uncertainty out of the process.

Be Ready to Answer Why You Want to Work Remotely

It is inevitable that you will be asked by a hiring manager why you want to work remotely. Be ready for this question by having an answer on hand. Highlight how you know that you will be a more productive worker without the hassle of having to deal with a commute. You can also talk about the desire to achieve a healthier work and personal life balance. This is also a good time to stress that you want to work remotely for the long haul and not just because it is a better option during the current pandemic.

Tailor Your Resume for Each Position

Just like any other job application, you should tailor your resume to fit the specific job that you are applying for. In addition to the actual duties of the position, be sure to emphasize the skills that you possess that would make you an effective remote worker. For example, if you are particularly adept at troubleshooting technical issues, be sure to highlight this on the resume. The goal is to make yourself like an exemplary fit for a remote position.

Emphasize Experience Working Remotely

Do not be shy about emphasizing any previous experience that you have working remotely. This is especially important if you had success in this type of working environment. Even if you have not had an official position of remote employment, think about the ways that you have worked at home to achieve a goal. For example, perhaps you took an online class and want to emphasize the success that you had managing your time working at home on this endeavor. There are many ways that extend beyond the confines of a traditional online job that you can highlight to show your qualifications for this type of work.

Highlight Skills That Are Remote-Friendly

Not only do you need to emphasize your relevant work experience, but you also need to discuss the skills that you have that will translate to a remote working format. Examples of skills to highlight include communication ability, organizational mastery, time management, and more. It is also vital that you show how you are an independent and self-motivated worker with a growth mindset. Showing competence in these key areas will demonstrate that you have the skills and personality traits needed to be successful in an online work environment.

There is no doubt that finding a job during this difficult economic climate is challenging. This is why it is more important than ever to position yourself in the best light possible so that you will stand apart from the crowd. Following these five tips will help you to secure the remote position of your dreams so that you can safely work at home with job security in place.

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