How Do You Go Back to Work As 41 Million Americans Collect Unemployment?

How Do You Go Back to Work As 41 Million Americans Collect Unemployment?

Returning to work as your employer reopens requires you to commute and work safely possibly with extra housekeeping duties. You may have to pay a babysitter before you can put your children back into daycare. If your employer does not reopen or reopens in the third quarter only to fail in the fourth quarter, there are numerous six-month certificate programs that can qualify you for a salary increase. Funds are available to pay for your certificate training.

Do I have to return to work when my employer asks me to come back?

If you collect unemployment, you must return to work when your employer or another employer offers you a suitable, comparable, or higher-paying job. You can continue to collect Pandemic Unemployment Assistance if you are unable to return to work because you have no suitable day care for your children until you can arrange safe childcare. If you got covid-19 while performing your duties as a nurse or medical technician, you are eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance while you're quarantined at home. If you quit your job as a physician's assistant because you feared COVID-19, you are not eligible for pandemic unemployment assistance which is distinctly different than your state's unemployment benefits.

Who will take of my children when I return to work?

If daycares are only open to essential workers, how do I return to work? With state restrictions on daycare due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of demand for daycare services, 30% of the closed daycares will never reopen. Daycare centers may reopen at the end of June. Summer camps are an option. Most parents took off from work, worked from home, or paid a family member or friend to babysit. When you child does go back to daycare, toys and nap mats are sanitized with ultraviolet light and crayons and toys are no longer shared.

Financial Service Jobs

Financial service employees manage credit departments, grant or deny credit applications, or enter customers in repayment plans. A financial service employee can also become a notary and earn extra income while on the job. A degree in finance or accounting isn't necessary, but a few community college classes demonstrate your commitment and your technical skills including your ability to perform arithmetic operations and analyze debt. Excellent communication skills and the ability to apply and adhere to federal laws, policies, and regulations are required. Financial service employees create forms, complete forms for clients or customers, and submit them for verification or as binding legal contracts.

Scientific and Technical Jobs

The highest paid jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, are in scientific research and technology with the highest paid researchers and technicians paid $3,179 to $3,870 weekly. A Cisco certified network administrator is trained by Cisco Systems through a serious of short-term certificate programs. Becoming a systems engineer is easier than you think, and you can enter a high-paying job and continue certify at higher levels to advance in your position. Systems programmers are in demand in the 2020 global economy.

Real Estate Sales

Real estate agents earn six-figure incomes with only a high school diploma and a series of certificates. Real estate courses and tests are much less expensive and time-consuming than a college degree. You may be able to complete online classes, and you may be able to profit by investing in real estate. Real estate brokers list and sell houses. Fiduciary duties include filing secure commercial transactions, and the ability to notarize forms is an added plus.

Medical Records Transcription

Becoming a medical records transcriptionist qualifies you to work in a hospital, clinic, doctor's office, nursing homes, or health department. You may be able to work from home as an independent contractor to a pharmaceutical firm. You must have a high school diploma and complete a six-month course in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, medical procedures, and pharmaceuticals. You must additionally understand the legal standards and regulations pertaining to filing and submitting medical records. Medical record transcriptionists type medical forms and file bills with medical insurance companies through specialized computer software programs.

Dislocated Workers

The United States Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration released $100 million in grant funds to help dislocated workers strengthen their community's economy and regain economic momentum. The grant funds must be used to benefit unemployed and underemployed workers displaced by the pandemic and self-employed individuals who are suddenly unemployed.

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