Workforce Development Career Paths for the Fourth Quarter of 2020

If you’re unemployed and your benefits are about to decrease or you fear eviction and wonder what’s next, try a new career path available from those working at home. The office is closed for the safety of its workers or open by appointment only. Diligent employees working from home will be happy to help you receive your federally funded workforce training. Extended and expanded family's first can support your diligent efforts to enter a lucrative 2021 career path. If you work as a cashier, waiter, waitress or dishwasher, and your position is being replaced by self-checkouts, you are entitled to another job with possibilities for advancement.

Workforce Development - Cyber Security Training

Your state's economic and workforce development office will daunt you with a cascading list of current job opportunities. You hear cyber security on the news, but did you know that in four months for $1700 you can enter a cyber security career path with opportunities for advancement? Cyber security positions are open at all levels from a four-month certificate or two to four-year undergraduate degree to the master's level and beyond with salaries to $100,000 commensurate with your number of years of previous work experience.

Where are the available jobs?

Your local television station website, designed to help your community through the pandemic, contains all the information and phone numbers you need. Please be patient with employees working from home who may surpass your expectations with their ability to help you. The television posts job openings online with contact information that leads to other opportunities. Typically, your community college offers employment opportunities to its graduates.

The American Workforce Alliance

The American Workforce Alliance in your state offers free and paid online career training and certification tests. The Workforce Alliance also posts a fairly comprehensive list of job openings in your area. If you think you can't possibly take a high-paying job because you are the only person in your family working and you have bills to pay, you thinking is flawed. The silver lining in the pandemic includes 10 to $12 million allocated per state for workforce development.

Your Community College Workforce Development Office

Your community college offers workforce development classes and associates degrees in trades, health safety, computer studies, emergency medical services, nursing, occupational and physical therapy and radiologic technology. The following major concentrations are offered:

  • Trades: Construction, electrical wiring, HVAC, landscaping, lead paint inspector, wastewater treatment, welding, and metal fabrication

  • Health safety: Certified nursing or dental assistant, EKG or phlebotomy technician, medicine aide, medical coding and billing, medical office, emergency training, medical office, and nurse refresher

  • Computer studies: Associates degrees in cybersecurity, game development, information systems, computer and network support technology and full stack web development. Certificates in computer information security and web development

  • Emergency medical: Associates degree or paramedic certificate

  • Nursing: Certificate in Practical Nurse, bridge program to degree in nursing, or an Associate in Science in Nursing

  • Therapy: Occupational or physical therapy assistant

  • Radiologic technology: Associates' degree or a computed tomography certificate

The Federal Pell Grant Program

Your United States Department of Education Pell grant can be used to pay for an associate’s or bachelor's degree and certificate programs. You have up to $20,000 in Pell grant funds to pay for career training once in your lifetime. The funds are paid directly to the community college or university of your choice. Pell grant funds are obtained by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and to the postsecondary career training program.

The National Guard

The National Guard offers part-time employment, training, and monthly pay. The National Guard repays up to $50,000 of your current student loans and gives you life insurance plus retirement benefits. It's easy to enlist. After brief period of full-time active duty for training, you start working one weekend per month for $200 to $250 per active duty weekend.

Finally, extended and expanded Families First is a one-stop intake assessment to help you get the services that you need. They'll ask you questions, such as, how many children are in your family and their ages, the amount of your rent or mortgage, your utilities and your car payment. If you are offered school supplies for your children and food stamps, you'll find it's a substantial amount of money for food and clothing. Accept their donors' money to pay your bills while getting the career training you deserve.

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