These Are the Best Jobs to Have If You Want to Work Remotely

Remote jobs are on the rise thanks to the pandemic. The ability to work remotely makes it easier for people to live where they want, make time for childcare, and avoid getting sick. Not every job can be done remotely, but experts predict that more offices will move towards remote jobs in the future. If you want to be able to work from home, here are a few careers to consider.


Since most accountants do not work as a team, this is a job that works very well as a remote career. With an average salary of around $51,000 and only a few certifications required, this job is fairly simple to transition to. The accountant field is also relatively stable. As long as there are businesses around, they will need help with their finances.


Even before the pandemic, online tutoring was already taking off. Parents appreciate that it can get their children extra help without requiring constant drives back and forth from tutoring offices. Right now, there is an especially huge demand for online tutors, so it is a great time to go ahead and get into the field. Even a high school education can be enough for some tutoring, and it is possible to find jobs regardless of what your education has specialized in.

Specialized Consultant

Have experience in specialty fields like assisting with international mergers or creating historical costuming? There are always companies looking for unbiased, third party opinions for their new projects. Consultants help fill information gaps and make it easier for companies to work on specialized projects. You might be surprised to find out just what sort of consultant skills are in demand. For example, right now many companies have started hiring teens as consultants for Gen Z targeted marketing campaigns.

Customer Service Representative

Instead of outsourcing to international countries, many companies are starting to transform their call centers into remote work organizations. Companies are finding that hiring remote workers can save them a lot of money while still providing customers with access to local employees. The great thing about this remote work opportunity is that it does not always require extensive experience. You can typically start accepting customer complaints or finalizing customer sales after a brief orientation, and the only tools you need are a computer, a phone, and some specialized software.


With an average salary of about $85,000, this is one of the highest paying remote work careers on the list. Engineers are always in demand, since they may help with everything from city planning to machine design. With the changes due to the pandemic, companies are starting to realize that most engineers are capable of working remotely. This has led to a major rise in the number of remote engineering jobs available.


When most people think of writers, they imagine authors scribbling away madly on a novel. It is true that there is a big demand for entertainment right now, so fiction writers have plenty of opportunities. However, that is not the only type of remote writing work available. Many companies also need all sorts of copywriters and content writers. Doing things like drafting customer manuals or generating blog content can be done remotely. With many organizations moving towards online marketing, right now is a promising time to be a remote writer.

Project Manager

If you love working with others and looking at big picture ideas, being a project manager can be a great option. This career traditionally required going to an office in person each day, but many teams are moving online due to the pandemic. Since project management typically focuses on generating ideas, coordinating with team members, and keeping track of schedules, it is a career that has the potential to stay remote after the pandemic ends.


As a recruiter, you work to match employees with job openings. Right now is a very busy time for recruiters, since there are so many people out of work. This provides potential opportunities for those interested in the field. Most of the work involves going through resumes and job openings, so working from a home computer is just as effective as working from an office.

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