NBC News Claims Trump Failed on Jobs

According to NBC News, President Trump's "jobs record is not what he thinks he [sic] it is." They're so anxious to get an anti-Trump headline out that they're not even proof-reading their headlines or prose. That isn't pro-Trump; that's anti-NBC. Over the years, they have become a much more dishonest news organization, putting out pieces like the one they dropped today, Oct 15, wherein they claim that Trump hasn't really actually been responsible for any of the job gains in America, even pre-virus. Let's dig into this some more.

Here is the gist of it. Donald Trump spoke with the Washington Post about how excited he is that America "set record numbers" in job creation, bouncing back from the global virus pandemic with over 11.4 million jobs gained back and added in only the past four and a half months. So, what's NBC's narrative that they're running here? "The statistic is true," they said. Which is good, of course, because it's a factual statistic, but they just couldn't let that alone there. They continued, "though it needs context." What NBC does here is that they claim we have an actual net negative in America, as they're counting the 22 million jobs lost due to Coronavirus shut-downs.

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, allow that to sink in for a minute. Absorb that level of fearmongering and dishonest tactic taken to smear a sitting President as a liar. They are quite literally claiming, at NBC News, that we cannot count 11.4 million jobs added, because we lost 22 million in total. Imagine being one of those 11.4 million who can now feed their family and afford to live because they got a new job, or their existing job came back. NBC is telling you that your job doesn't exist, because the Covid-19 pandemic wiped out 22 million in total, and 11.4 million isn't 22 million. What a despicable, negative route to travel by a news corporation.

It gets even better, however, as the article goes on to explicitly blame Donald Trump for the 22 million jobs lost. Despite the fact that governors make the lock-down or shutdown calls independently for their states, NBC News is telling its public readers that it was Donald Trump who somehow closed their businesses and ensured they could no longer work.

The point here shouldn't be at all about liking or disliking the President. Everyone should be concerned that a news organization would preach doom and gloom to Americans. Getting 11.4 million jobs back in in record time has saved countless lives and has saved our entire economy. Though according to NBC, if we do not now have more jobs than we lost, not only is this a bad thing, but it makes Donald Trump a liar.

Peak Election Season is Here

There may be segments of society that still debate whether or not mainstream media outlets are in the proverbial tank for Democratic politicians, but every single independent study ever conducted in the past 20 years finds definitively that MSM outlets like NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and especially CNN all have a political bent, with every network but Fox shilling for Democrats. The reason also seems pretty simple: These are not independent organizations; they're huge media conglomerates worth billions of dollars. Comcast, for instance, owns NBC/MSNBC, and they hire reality TV producers to handle the news. Yes, this is what media have been reduced to in recent years.

So when election season is upon us, we see the same phony story lines: 9 networks putting out favorable coverage for a Democrat, while 1 network puts out phony favorable coverage for a Republican. And on and on it goes. NBC news is in the midst of helping Joe Biden win a Presidential race. They do not even deny this. Every study every cycle shows this. So if you're just a news reader looking for honesty, mainstream sources are not where you should be looking.

Go to the bureau of labor statistics and similar sites if you want to know the truth. Love him or hate him, Trump's presidency saw all-time low unemployment rates before the virus pandemic, especially among black and female demographics. To deny this is not only to deny reality, but to lie to your face. Perhaps Trump isn't who deserves the credit here; that's up for debate. What isn't up for debate, however, is that the numbers are the numbers.

Stay tuned for more crooked reporting as we draw closer to November 3.

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