15 Jobs You Didn't Know You Could Do At Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that many jobs can be done at home just as well as they can be from an office. For people who dread long commutes, have to pay hundreds of dollars each month in tolls, parking fees, added maintenance and high car insurance rates, the ability to work from home saves a lot of money and wear and tear. Even bus passes add to the cost of having a job. Here are 15 options that you should consider for a work from home job.

Demographer or GIS/Spatial Analyst

A growing number of organizations rely on spatial data analysis. This is accomplished through GIS analytics. A person who knows how to use this software will have opportunities in the public and private sector, and the work can be done entirely at home on a computer.

Designer of Athleisure Wear

It used to be that clothing designers worked in large design shops with bolts of fabric and fit models on hand. Today, casual clothing can be designed with software and a computerized sewing machine. A clothing designer may only need to go into an office once in a while thanks to new technology.

Digital Painter

Digital painting is a type of graphic design. It involves choosing color for ads, logos and other marketing. This type of work, like other site design services, can be done at home.

Video Correspondent

Journalism is a type of work that can increasingly be done from home. Journalists can make calls and conduct interviews with video calls and other forms of virtual meetings. They can interview people by phone or even through social media platforms in order to get quotes for their stories. Broadcast journalists can also perform their segments from their own homes. All that's required is a camera and internet connection.

Finance and Banking Translator

Documents, conversations and interviews can be translated remotely. This is commonplace in the medical field. It's now growing more popular in other fields, such as finance and banking. International business contracts is one application of this type of work.

Head of Photography

While photographers will still have to leave home to capture images of events and scenery, a head of photography can edit photos and images with software on a computer. This can be done for books, yearbooks, newspapers, magazines and websites.

Home Stylist

A home stylist may work with homeowners to help them create a more aesthetically pleasing environment. They also work with home builders and real estate agents. Home stylists can meet through video conferencing technology to view the client's home and make recommendations.

Hospitality and Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants can answer questions, make reservations, cancel appointments and have products sent to a person's hotel room. They don't have to be in a hotel to do it. A chat function through the hotel's app or TV screen would let the at-home assistant know that assistance is needed, and they can handle the requests from anywhere.


Although people have been able to return to in-person browsing at libraries, some librarians can work from home. A research librarian can do their work at home. Librarians can also do live videos of them reading, helping with homework or other typical job functions.

Lyrics Associate

Lyricists have been working from home, coffee shops and other venues for decades. This at-home job is a rarity, but someone with a gift for creative writing may find themselves lucky enough to get one.


An epidemiologist may occasionally need to go out in the field, but most of the time they will rely on data reported by public health nurses, doctors and laboratories. The epidemiologist will need a robust computer with several statistical software packages.


Statisticians can also work from home. They rely on survey data and information from databases. That data gets automatically transmitted. The statistician will rely on statistical analysis software on their computer.

Billing Specialist

There are still people who don't want to pay bills online. If they have a question, they'll call the company for help. Billing specialists can work from home through cloud-based customer relationship management software platforms.


Marketing specialists can work from home. They can research and implement SEO. Viral email and other marketing campaigns can be done from anywhere.


Artists of all types famously work at home. Most have a dedicated studio space. This type of independent employment can be economically challenging.

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