Employees have different ways of suggesting that they are about to fire you. They might try to avoid you, allocate your work to someone else, or might exclude you from important meetings. Your coworkers might also start acting cold when they're around you

When you notice them, it might be time to start planning your exit before receiving the termination letter. However, before you start looking for another job, use the following strategies to save your job.

Have a Chat with Your Employer

If your employer plans to fire you, they will try to avoid having a conversation with you. When you notice this, try your best to have a conversation with them without looking like you're begging them to allow you to continue working for their company.

However, that is not easy because your manager will try everything possible to avoid you if you're on the next termination list. After all, they don't want you to know about their plan. Besides, they might be feeling bad to fire you after offering your services to their company for several years.

When you finally get a chance to talk with your boss, start by having a general conversation about your day-to-day job. Then, once you feel that they might open up about the goings-on in the company, ask them about what the management is planning for the underperforming employees. In your conversation, let them know that you are not afraid of constructive criticism. That might make them open up and let you know why the management plans to lay you off. Besides, it will help to regain your broken relationship.

When your boss starts sharing with you why the management wants to fire you, take the information seriously. Then start working on them to show your boss that you're improving. However, if your manager holds back the information, know that there are slim chances of convincing them to retain you in their company.

Offer to Work in another Department

The management might be targeting your department if they realize that its workers have been performing dismally for the last few years. Therefore, if you feel that you have been amongst the hard-working employees in that department, join another team that works hard.

The workers in the department you join might not be on the list of employees to be laid off, especially if their performance has been promising. Joining that department might be the best idea to keep you working in that company longer.

Evaluate Yourself to Know Your Performance

Many companies evaluate their employees' performance annually. However, one year might be too late to learn whether you're making any mistakes. Therefore, after several weeks or months, evaluate your services to know whether you're making any progress and working towards your goals when joining the company. If your evaluation indicates that you're performing poorly, make adjustments and inform your boss about your plans.

However, if you feel that you're making progress, think of whether the relevant departments know about your achievements. If you have been exceptional in all the duties you've been allocated, but no one knows about your services, it might be time to toot your own horn. The management might be too busy to notice your achievements. Therefore, it might be advisable to communicate your achievements to them. That will ensure that you get the credit you deserve.

If Everything Else Fails, Ask To Be Laid Off

If all the strategies above fail, ask the management to lay you off instead of firing you. A layoff might be a better idea because it might not dent your chances of getting a job in the future. Your employer might also prefer a layoff because they know you won't sue them for wrongful dismissal.

However, they might ask you to sign a document promising not to take legal action against them in the future. A layoff will be a win-win strategy for both you and your employer because the company will save some money in this strategy, and you will get some money as well.

Wrapping Up

If there are rumors that you might lose your job or you notice any signs that might indicate you're about to be fired, use the strategies above to try to save your job. That might change your employer's mind, and they might remove you from the termination list. Besides, the adjustments to make might show your employer that you're a valuable asset in their company, and they might even consider you for a promotion.

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