Will Media Just Be Quiet About Unemployment Claims?

Last week, news was that unemployment claims were at an all-time low, so please give President Biden a slow clap for doing a fantastic job.

The week before that, they were at a record high. Before that? Oh, they were very low. This week? Oh, no; they're up at a huge high again!

It's almost as if unemployment news is being used to distract and control people based on other things happening in the world, particularly in the world of American politics.

It's at a point now where people people just want the mainstream media to shut up about this topic. The reason is that you're not looking at a few articles about jobless claims on some obscure websites.

When the political class want your applause for some unearned phony triumph, every single corporate media outlet runs the same story about how everyone in America is doing better than ever, with the world's most vibrant economy, so please thank the best President in the history of America.

In reality, people are struggling. Inflation is up over 30% for the working-class people of the country. Gas prices have doubled since the former President was in office. Rent and insurance are going up at unprecedented rates. Staffing shortages are at an all-time high.

People are sick and tired of hearing about how great things are going, and then having the news coverage flip-flop on them at the drop of a hat, based on which stories the media wants to tell you are important today. Put the Ukrainian flag in your bio. No, wait; today's "Black woman on the moon" day! On second thought, we have to protect trans kids until next Thursday.

How about just reporting the facts of what's happening and being quiet about some fluctuating jobs report and unemployment claims that literally do not matter one bit to America's economy?

Nobody Really Cares About Your Wordplay

Democrats are polling lower than they have in many decades, and Republicans aren't doing much better, barely edging out the Democrats.

The corporate news media would have you believe that people are upset that Joe Biden isn't doing more to punish Vladimir Putin and Russia.

However, a recent poll shows that around 80% of Americans claim that their immediate finances and how they're going to pay their bills is their number-one issue, above Ukraine, above the supposed "voting rights" drama, above Florida's "Don't Say Gay" legislation, etc.

Americans want to be able to afford to live, and they're getting tired of the media's wordplay, especially on unemployment.

The Real World is Unavoidable

Politicians and media can gaslight you into believing that something like a rigged claims system is the be-all, end-all of the employment situation, but you actually live in the world. Everyone does. When you want to go out to a restaurant, because you've decided that paying over 30% more is worth it, you can see the staffing shortages. There was a video on Twitter last week, where it was showing a live-time playing of a Joe Biden press conference in which he was bragging about the lowest unemployment rates in the history of America. During the speech, the YouTube video cut to an ad of of a Democratic Super-PAC begging for votes to elect politicians who will vote to offer more federal funding to nursing homes because they're severely understaffed. You could not make this stuff up if you had the imagination of Earnest Hemingway. It's all stranger than fiction.

How can there be staffing shortages all over America while also having the lowest rate of unemployment ever? The only way this could possibly be true is if America suddenly got around 10 million new positions since 2021, meaning huge factories and warehouses, etc. According to the data, new businesses are very, very rare. The jobs people have been getting have been old businesses opening back up, after being shut down by COVID regulations. In fact, America has lost more manufacturing jobs to non-American nations during Biden's presidency than during Obama's last four years combined. Something is not adding up.

Unemployment doesn't affect politicians (unfortunately). As bad a job as some of them do, R, D or otherwise, they not only have job security but they even vote to give themselves a huge pay raise about once every two years. They just love bringing it up because they think you will vote for them if they paint the problem in a bright, pretty color. The truth is, most people just want them to shut up with their rhetoric and fix the problems.

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