10 Tips for Job Seekers

Mary Singleton
Published Nov 1, 2023

Many job seekers fail to get jobs at the last minute during the interview. Having searched for a suitable position, polished your resume/cover letter and sent out applications, what remains for you to do is to master the art of succeeding in job interviews. This article gives insightful 10 essential tips for people seeking job. Remember that this is an acquired skill in which the first impression matters most because you can never have a second chance of creating the initial impression.

Carry Out upfront Research About the Job

Sound knowledge about the job you are applying for is important. Learn all you can about background industry information, the prospective employer and the hiring manager. Try to understand the job requirements by asking questions about the company from others. Conduct online search and familiarize yourself with the job requirements.

Master the Art of Non-verbal Communication

An interview is all about gauging you confidence levels and personality traits. Poor body language can be distracting regardless of how well you respond to the interview questions. How you make eye contact, shake hands or sit can kill your chances immediately. Some body expressions like nodding, active listening, solid posture, eye contact and smiling are very positive. Other like mumbling, chewing gum, fidgeting, slouching, avoiding eye contact or playing with a pen are negative. Practice good nonverbal communication.

Anticipate Interview Questions and Prepare Possible Responses

Anticipating the interview questions and preparing effective responses is another key to success. Find out from the hiring manager whether the interview will be conducted by a panel or it will be a one-on-one interview? Compose detailed responses to specific accomplishments or needs of the industry. Develop talking points without memorizing the responses. Putting them in a narrative structure will help you remember the important points.

Dress Well to Succeed

Even if the company does not have a dressing code, never make the mistake of appearing for an interview dressed like regular employees. Select what to wear for the occasion and groom yourself well. You can call to find out the dressing culture and code before the interview. Go for the most professional looking appearance, and avoid accessories or keep them to a minimum.

Be Punctual , Confident and Relaxed

Try to arrive to your scheduled interview as early as possible. You should be there at least 20-15 minutes before your allocated time. There is no excuse for coming late to an interview. Doing so spells instant disaster. Coming early will allow you to sort out your paper work like the resume, portfolio and samples of your work, and to familiarize yourself with the environment in a relaxed manner.

Create Good Initial or First Impressions

You never know when or how your interview process begins, so it is important to be polite to everyone right from the parking attendant, the gatekeeper, the receptionist, other employees to the hiring manager. Some employer would want to know you behave towards other employees by keeping a tab on you from the moment you arrive. You can make or break you chances by the first impression you give. Be polite, smile, show confidence, dress well, give firm handshake, smile and so on.

Be Concise, Focused, Candid, Confident, Authentic and Enthusiastic

Try to demonstrate all these qualities without appearing to struggle. How you respond to questions and the quality of your answers matters a lot. Respond confidently, truthfully, and in a focused manner. Watch out for baits that might make you speak ill of a previous employer. Your responses must demonstrate your skills and provide solutions. Be precise and avoid talking too much

Ask Intelligent and Insightful Questions

By asking questions, you will let the interviewer know that you are interested in the job. Remember to ask a few questions even if the interviewer seems to be through with you. It will show that you did you research well. Prepare the questions in advance.

Don't be Arrogant and Cocky

Take care not to overdo the confident act by being arrogant and cocky. There is a delicate balance between modesty, professionalism, confidence and arrogance. Being either reserved or overconfident is bad.

Remember to Thank the Interviewer(s) Personally

Interviews demand a lot of politeness and common courtesy. You should not forget to personally thank all the people who interview you. Begin immediately after the interview and send thank-you letters or emails shortly afterwards.

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