How to Keep Your Career on Track During COVID-19

COVID-19 has been a massive disruption in the job market and has greatly impacted the career plans of tens of millions of Americans. You do not have to let the crisis, or even job loss, derail your career progression. You can still look for a job and keep your resume sharpened for when opportunities become available. Moreover, you can take steps to enhance your career prospects during this time. Here are some ways to keep your career on track, even if you have been affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Don't Give Up on Your Old Job

Losing a job hurts, and there is no doubt about that. Many will foster hard feelings towards the employer who let them go from their position. For some, that is the best way that they can get themselves through a major personal crisis. However, it makes sense to not burn any bridges with an old employer. Many of the jobs that were lost are coming back sooner rather than later. People who lost jobs during this crisis lost them because business was bad and through no fault of their own. It makes sense that, when a business is looking to staff back up, they will look to the people whom they already know. Keep in touch with your former employer and let them know that you are interested in returning when the time is right. Make sure that they know of your interest in coming back so they can come directly to you.

Learn a Skill in the Meantime

When the economy starts moving again, there will be many people all looking for work at the same time. The question is how you differentiate yourself from all of the other candidates all seeking the same jobs. Employers will want to know that you took the time given to you to better yourself as an employee. You can do this by taking an online class while you are waiting to go back to work. Gaining a new skill will make your resume look better and show employers that you are industrious. You never know what particular line on your resume can set yourself apart from the dozens of other people all competing for the job that you want.

Market Yourself

Even if there are few jobs available right now, you will want to make yourself visible when positions do start to open up for hire. This means that your resume should be out there and available for employers to see. Of course, it is virtually impossible to physically pound the pavement these days when stuck in your home. However, you can do this virtually by widely posting your resume on various job boards. When employers choose to staff back up again, they will need to do so quickly. They will turn to the people that they see because they will be hiring in a hurry once the need arises. The most important marketing tip that we can give for online job searches right now to make sure that your resume is optimized and contains all of the keywords that employers are seeking in your field.

Ask People for Help

Many people are embarrassed to ask for help finding a new job. This is even more true when they lost their previous job. We cannot say strongly enough that there is no shame in losing a job under these circumstances. The economy shut down and tens of millions of people have found themselves out of work. You need to amplify that you are looking for work and need help from whoever can give it to you. This is a time that pride needs to be put aside no matter how much you do not like to admit that you need help.

Where turning to you friends becomes the most helpful is that they can give you information before the general public knows it. Your network may have advance information that a company may be hiring. This will enable to be prepared and customize your resume for the particular position. They could also help give your resume to the employer to allow you to build some kind of connection before they receive stacks of resumes. It is always better when someone who knows you can vouch for you to the prospective employer. This is more effective to help you get your foot in the door earlier and more effectively.

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