5 Tips for Nailing the Zoom Interview

The handful of companies looking for candidates right now are certainly not bringing them into their offices for an interview these days. However, when it comes to the job search the show must go on nonetheless. Like everything else in the world, job interviews are also being moved onto Zoom. While some of the same job interview rules still apply, there is a different etiquette at play for virtual job interviews. The good news is that, with the right strategy, you can take advantage of the medium to make a strong visual impression. Here are five tips for your Zoom interview.

Prepare As You Would for an In-Person Interview

The cardinal mistake that you would make is taking your interview preparation less seriously than you would for an office meeting. For better or for worse, this is your chance to make the impression on the employer. Make sure to spend every bit as much time researching the employer and coming up with questions as you would for an in-person interview. In other words, do not distinguish between a Zoom interview and a regular interview. For your purposes, they are two of the same. If you are not prepared for the meeting, it will show very early on in the process. Just remember that the stakes of both types of interviews are the same; it will determine whether or not you will get the job.

Choose the Proper Background for Your Meeting

There is an added element to a Zoom interview and that is the optics of how your background and setting look. Try to find a neutral background that will make you look as professional as possible without it looking like you are appearing in a hostage video. Do not place your camera in front of a loud and chaotic background that could be distracting for your interviewer. The trick is to find a background that accentuates your appearance without overwhelming it. In addition, the proper background will also include finding a private place where you will not be disturbed during your interview or have any kind of background noise. You should know that bright lights will distract from your appearance and will not allow your interviewer to get a good look at you.

Focus on Yourself

It is difficult to make eye contact with someone in a remote location. It is one thing if they are in a room with you and sitting across a table. It is an entirely different thing when they are sitting in front of a computer and you cannot quite gauge the way that they are looking at the screen. Normally, we would advise working as hard as you can to make eye contact. Here, we will tell you not to focus as much on it because it can cause you to lose your train of thought and doubt yourself. Just look straight ahead at your camera and keep your eyes focused on it. Speak naturally and do the best you can.

Remember that Nobody Is a Model on Zoom

Try not to feel self-conscious about how you look on Zoom. Of course, you should pay a great deal of attention to getting your appearance right. However, Zoom makes even the most attractive people appear flawed in some respects. Do what you can to make yourself look right, but do not be alarmed if you do not appear as you want. Make sure not to obsess about your appearance because it will only rattle you during an important interview.

Double Down on Substance

Since it is very difficult to nail the visual, the substance of what you have to say becomes even more important for a Zoom interview. Take the time to do your research and be as meticulously prepared as you can. Practice your answer ahead of time and invest some effort into drafting talking points that you want to work in responding to various questions. Since no candidate will really be able to turn appearance into their advantage, you will be judged almost solely on the substance of your interview. This can be a true opportunity for you to shine when you have done your homework. It will be apparent to the interviewer almost immediately after the interview begins.

With the right kind of approach, you can ace the Zoom interview and put yourself in a position to land that job. At least you do not have to worry about a firm handshake.

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