Trump Cannot Create Jobs: Let the Election Smears Begin

America is a nation that has long been politically polarized. While mainstream media likes to pretend this is a very recent phenomenon with Americans, you can look back to George Washington's presidency to find the political side-choosing and dart-throwing. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were involved in a bitterly partisan propaganda war over who should be America's second President. Not much has changed. The Republican smears the Democrat, and the Democrat smears the Republican. The only thing that has really changed since the start of America is that most of mainstream media decide to jump in on the side of the Democrat.

Independent think tanks and news outlets in the nation claim that President Trump's coverage has been 93% negative. That's an unfathomable bias, though something objectively true. The odd thing, however, is that Democratic voters don't care, and thus Republicans just seem angry when they point it out. But it's now September, two months out from 2020's Presidential Election, and the media are acting as predicted, in that they're promoting Joe Biden over Donald Trump.

There is a lot to unpack philosophically about the once "free" press in America, the gatekeepers of democracy, being so unabashedly Democrat in their political bent, but it's just a reality to which most have grown accustomed. Yahoo! News, for example, seems to be going out of their way to smear President Trump as everything from a racist white nationalist agitator to a failure to the economy and the sole reason why millions of Americans are unemployed. Not only do they take this line, but they also insert on the back end that former Vice President Joe Biden will surely be the solve-all for what ails America. It's quite a sad, confusing thing, to see media choose a side.

No matter your political leanings, an objective appraisal of Trump's presidency reveals what it does about all presidents: There have been things done well, and things done poorly. Though to suggest that the president has failed at every single thing for four years in office is, to be clear, a partisan attempt to use one's platform to effect political change rather than informing Americans of the truth.

Take one of Yahoo!'s most recent stories as an example. They outright say that President Trump has failed to create jobs in America. The reasoning behind this is plain. They give President Obama credit not only for his eight years as President, but also Trump's first term, claiming that any success Trump had with the economy is a result of Obama-era policies. And who was there during Obama's presidency, right beside him? None other than Joe Biden. So, in effect, Yahoo! has written a free campaign ad for Joe Biden.

You can love or hate Donald Trump, yet the numbers spoke for themselves. Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, America had its lowest unemployment rate in history, the most women in the workforce in its history, and the most African Americans employed in its history. The housing market was doing better than it had done for fifty years. Manufacturing jobs were at an all-time high, and competing nations from Mexico to China were begging Trump to make trade deals.

Then, of course, things fell apart in a big way with the global virus pandemic. Whether or not that is Trump's fault, or how much of it can be attributed to Trump, will not become clear until the virus is gone and we can objectively look back. But for Yahoo! and other outlets like MSNBC and CNN to start claiming that Trump is horrible on job creation and Joe Biden is the best at creating jobs is more than dishonest. For some critics, this qualifies as shouting "fire" in a crowded theater.

Yahoo! Gets Carried Away

That piece wasn't even the biggest hit-piece campaign fodder for Team Biden, however. They also claim that President Trump defunded "racial sensitivity training" all across America. This is objectively false. We obtained the actual presidential memorandum written and signed by Director Russell Vought. So, the claim is that Trump banned "racial sensitivity training," and this move is going to somehow increase the minority unemployment rate. But what's the truth?

The truth is that Trump did not ban anything. He is cutting out federal funding for courses in "critical race theory" and "white privilege," not, as Yahoo! and dozens of other outlets suggest, "racial sensitivity." Over one hundred outlets outright lied about this, with Yahoo! leading the charge. President Trump cut off taxpayer funding for courses that teach federal employees that white people are, by virtue of their race, bad.

There was a time in America where fighting racism was a worthy cause. But, then again, it is election season.

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