Job Openings Entering the Flu Season of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

If you're one of the 898,000 people in the United States who filed a new claim for unemployment during the week ending October 10, 2020 or one of the 10 million already unemployed, Amazon warehouse and online shopping, ridesharing and delivery, and online employers have work for you. You can take a telecommute job to work from home. You probably have more marketable skills than you realize. You can participate in a research study or donate plasma to save the lives of those with cancer, immunodeficiencies, or COVID-19.

Amazon or eBay Online Shopping

You can sell anything online. Gold sells for $1900 an ounce during this fourth quarter of 2020. You can sell household items through the mail on or eBay or develop your own inventory to supply goods to local businesses. You may be successful shopping in thrift stores and selling the merchandise online. You may find that an item no longer useful to you is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Lyft and Uber Delivery Services

Lyft drivers earned $4,000 per week before ordered to stay at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Uber Eats and Uber Freight increased their sales to $819 million and $199 million. Uber delivers groceries as a result of the pandemic. With the flu season approaching and Covid-19 cases increasing, Lyft may hire you and give you medical, dental, and vision benefits. Lyft offers its employees mentoring and apprenticeships in diverse market sectors. You may be able to start your own delivery service or maintain your own inventory of parts and supplies needed by local homeowners and businesses.

Amazon Fresh or Amazon Prime Pantry

Amazon claims to be the largest online shopping website in the United States, and they even deliver groceries through Amazon Fresh. Amazon Pantry delivers household goods, snack foods, over the counter drugs, and pet food, toys, and medication directly to customers' homes. Amazon also hires warehouse workers who pack customers' orders in boxes and workers who sort the boxes and sent them to their destination. Amazon can be a full-time job with multiple shifts or help you earn full-time wages working part-time. Amazon deliveries are a safe way to make others happy.


As a dasher for DoorDash, you can work when you want to, stay home with your family, and pay your debts while exploring new restaurants, grocery stores, and specialty shops. Unlike other rideshare and delivery services, DoorDash hires employees rather than independent contractors. You'll get an IRS W-2 form, and social security will be deducted from your pay. DoorDash was created by Stanford University students who worked their way through college.

Indeed Telecommute and Online Jobs

Indeed lists telecommute job openings in all pay ranges. You can apply for an existing job opening or list your resume online for employers to contact you. You can also find online jobs through google search. Beginning with a list of your skills, search for all relevant online jobs. All high school graduates can read and write. Online writing jobs that pay per article or research paper may give you the extra money you need to prosper during the pandemic. A computer and a dedicated phone line is all you need to take orders for a mail order or online business.

Donate Plasma or Platelets

If you're fortunate enough to live near one of the 900 licensed plasma collection centers or a medical school that performs research studies and collects platelets, you can donate plasma for at least $70 each week. You'll probably receive $100 for your first two weeks. The Immunodeficiency Foundation and Saint Jude's Research Hospital use plasma proteins to fight childhood cancer, sickle cell disease, aids, and now, COVID-19. If you're under 65 and in good health, you're qualified to give plasma. Research studies at medical schools pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to participants in their research studies.

Working from your home or car gives you the opportunity to deduct the depreciation of your home and car from your personal income tax. IRS Publication 463 explains business tax returns and deductible expenses. You can be reimbursed for you actual expenses if you record your business expenses well as an independent contractor, or sole proprietor, but you may have to register a trade name with your state department of taxation. You are at least entitled to 58 cents for each mile you drive while working. You can deduct your car insurance and all maintenance performed on your car.

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