Thinking About Getting a Seasonal Job? Learn How COVID-19 Might Affect Them

Seasonal jobs around the holidays are often viewed as a simple and convenient way of collecting some extra funds. With many households struggling right now, plenty of people are hoping to get a seasonal job and make some much-needed money. However, just like many other areas of life, COVID-19 is changing seasonal jobs. It might still be possible to get a holiday job, but you need to be aware of how they are changing.

Less Competition for Available Positions

You might think more people than ever would be desperate for a holiday job, but the reality is that this type of job is impossible for many people right now. Job placement company Challenger, Gray & Christmas reports that 38 percent less people are looking for a seasonal job this year. A major reason is that closed schools make it hard for busy parents to juggle work and childcare. Many people also cite worries of catching COVID as a reason they are avoiding retail jobs.

If you are willing to work in retail right now, this can actually be helpful or you. Lack of competition makes it easier to find jobs. Furthermore, many retailers are trying to make their jobs more appealing to their limited pool of workers. This can mean more money for you, since most major big box stores are bumping up their pay to $15 to $17 an hour to appeal to uncertain workers. To calm concerns about COVID, many stores are also offering to let people work from home for jobs like customer service. This means that there are still a lot of opportunities even if you want to avoid high-risk jobs like being a cashier.

More Jobs Are Related to Inventory and Delivery Right Now

Taking a look at big box stores like Target reveals a lot about how companies are handling seasonal jobs during the pandemic. The good news is that most stores are hiring about the same amount of holiday workers for 2020. However, the types of jobs they are offering has shifted drastically. At Target, more than half as many people are being hired for curbside pickup jobs. Fulfilment workers, IT technicians, warehouse workers, and customer service workers are some of the many types of employees companies are hiring more of. Instead of customer facing employees, stores need more employees behind the scenes to handle inventory, collect orders, and assist with logistics.

Though it is definitely reassuring to hear that there are still plenty of seasonal jobs available, the reality is that they will require a different skill set. Most of the new holiday jobs tend to be a little more physically demanding. Jobs often involve working in warehouses, packaging heavy items, or carrying orders to cars and homes. This may make it slightly harder to find a holiday job if you are not physically active. Your chances of getting one of these jobs increases if you have special skills. Being licensed to drive a forklift or do other similar tasks may make you a lot more appealing to big box companies right now.

Less Holiday Jobs Are Going to Be Temporary

Many people take a seasonal job with the expectation that it will just last through the holidays. However, a lot of companies are reporting that they hope to keep on holiday workers a little longer. This is happening because businesses are starting to realize COVID-19 isn't going away as quickly as they hoped. More and more shoppers are switching to online shopping or curbside pickup, so stores need extra employees to handle the higher volume. Furthermore, many older retail employees are leaving their jobs due to health concerns. Therefore, stores are seeing the holidays as an excellent time to start recruiting new permanent workers.

If you are looking for a stable job, this can be great news. Right now may be an excellent time to break into the retail field and get permanently hired by a big company. If you have been out of work and in need of a job for a while, the increase in employment opportunities is exciting news. With the higher number of permanent positions, you should think carefully about how long you want to work at a business before applying. Those who only want temporary work need to be upfront about their expectations. This will make it easier for hiring managers to guide them towards more temporary positions.

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