Wages and Jobs to Shift Wildly After Covid

Many politicians and business people and others have told us many different times that the job market is changing. Things are moving more and more digital. You cannot walk through any sort of store these days without finding proof of this via robots checking out your items, instead of people. According to a recent McKinsey report, that change is already here.

Earlier this week, a new McKinsey report came out about the "Future of work post-pandemic," and it's basically a good news/absolutely horrible news scenario. On the "good" side of the equation, people who have actual skills that are in-demand, as with coding, programming, and doings things in the digital realm, will have employment that pays more than what it does now.

The drastic side of things: Lower-wage menial labor is being phased out. From fast-food workers to construction laborers and janitors, the richest of the richest 1% in this world are looking more and more to automate.

We have witnessed some precursors of this shift, like Jeff Bezos' Amazon attempting to replace hundreds of thousands of delivery people (drivers, sorters, boxers, etc) with robots. Thanks to Covid, when government shut down around 80% of small businesses yet allowed Amazon and other huge corporations to stay open, trillions of dollars of wealth were transferred to the richest people on the planet, and now they have more than enough money to work on tech that will render extinct the lower-wage professions.

At least this is what they're planning. Bezos' net worth doubled, along with people like Bill Gates, who very quietly, without media fare at all, purchased up farmland until which people he became the largest owner of farmland in the United States. And he's on a global campaign, convincing people to eat bugs and synthetic meat. Perhaps those are some of the high-skilled, high-paying jobs our Billionaire Oligarchs are planning? Making the bug cakes and synthetic hamburgers.

As we're working our way out of the pandemic, one thing is clear: The mom 'n pop is now rendered extinct, and around 80% of all private small businesses have failed. This equates to tens of millions of people out of work, many who lost their life's work and savings entirely. Salting the wound, the multi-billionaires whose fortunes exponentially expanded are leading the charge in telling the rest of the world how post-pandemic life is going to work.

This is a really scary prospect, and every single media source running this story is pushing it as if it's a good thing. No more line workers, no more cashiers, no more janitors, no more free choice in jobs to be able to move around if needed or climb up the ladder. This is being forced onto the American public as some sort of saving grace to carry us through the future.

The McKinsey report admits that this is going to leave tens of millions of people unemployed, with entire industries that fail and never come back. Though just when you thought it couldn't get any scarier, they tout this as a necessary thing for our economy.

What Does This Really Mean?

Mainstream media is going to tell you that, should these predictions come to fruition, this is a good thing that's going to urge more people into college and help people earn a "living wage" in the long run. What's weird is that these same outlets have spent the last few years arguing that millions of Americans saddled with student debt is untenable and that we need government programs to cancel this.

Though as soon as the Billionaire Class gives their marching orders to media, who are almost all controlled by corporations (Bezos owns the Washington Post, e.g.), media change its collective tune and now begin to tell us that taking on $200,000 in student debt and not being able to work in a basic job is good for your future.

The only people who are hoping the McKinsey report is accurate are billionaire heads of corporations who seem to make more money when the rest of us suffer, and the politicians whose campaigns are funded by these billionaires.

It doesn't matter where you stand on the political spectrum, or for whom you cast a vote in any election; what matters here is the fact that the Billionaire Class is outright telling you they want to destroy the economy to own and control it. The scariest thing of all: Mainstream media is all owned by these same corporations, and will tell you that everything's going to be okay.

Cross your fingers that the McKinsey report is woefully wrong.

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