Ways to create more jobs in the United States

Ways to create more jobs in the United States

The issue of unemployment is menacing, and many times everyone acts like it does not exist. The Senate and Congress are formulating more laws every day but haven't been able to solve the unemployment crisis in the United States.

With the ongoing Pandemic, many Americans are losing their jobs now more than ever.

A few months into the partial shutdown last year, many Americans lost their jobs, and some are yet to recover them. What the ongoing Pandemic has done is highlight an already existing crisis for everyone to see.

The following are some of the easiest ways to increase job creation in the United States.

1. Enroll more students into technical schools

Although education is still the key to success, more jobs are requiring technical skills that haven't been filled yet. A college degree might be important, but you also can't overlook the urgency for more skilled personnel.

There are plenty of sectors that are shorthanded when it comes to the workforce. Posts like electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and paralegals are well paying, but there is no adequate manpower.

More students should be advised on the importance of technical training and be encouraged to take up these courses. This will help reduce both overcrowding in the public universities and help create more jobs for the young people.

2. Fund and help market small businesses

There are thousands of young people in the United States who dream of starting their businesses but don't know how to go about it. This can be due to lack of funds or even the ready market to sell their products or innovation.

Many huge corporations such as Amazon and Microsoft have taken advantage of globalization, but small businesses haven't.

The government should intervene and fund or remove restrictions for these small businesses to thrive and be able to market themselves both domestically and overseas.

By doing this, the government will encourage more unemployed Americans to venture into the business world.

3. Spend more on public works

According to several sources, the most cost-effective spending by the United States government is on public works. Things like building roads, bridges and airports have created more jobs for the American public than any other sector.
The federal and state government can come together to greenlight more public projects to create more jobs for the people.

A $1 billion spending on public works is confirmed to create over 19,000 jobs. If that figure is doubled or tripled frequently, many able Americans won't lack jobs.

4. Increase unemployment benefits

If the jobless population in the United States is given more unemployment benefits, more jobs are created.

This is how. If hundreds of thousands who are unemployed are given the government-issued unemployment benefits, they can spend more on retails and grocery stores.

The increased work for the grocery stores and other utility stores pushes the stakeholders to hire more workers. This will help create more jobs for the economy while also leaving the jobless few sustained for a long time.

5. Extend the period for national service programs

There are numerous national service programs in the United States, such as AmeriCorps-VISTA, AmeriCorps-NCCC, Learn and Serve America, YouthBuild, and National Senior Service Corps, that can be used to increase jobs creation in the United States.

Many Americans who are enrolled in these programs can work on essential and skillful social activities such as; tutoring children, building houses, and disaster response.

With the minimum allowance attached to these positions, the government can give a new and better direction for these national service programs. The government can ensure that those young Americans who enroll in the programs get better pay and more prominent roles.

This will help encourage more jobless Americans to enroll in these programs and get employment. The government can also extend the period for these programs and increase the stability of the jobs.

6. Reduce taxes and Interest Rates

Another way that the government can increase jobs in the economy is by reducing the taxes imposed on various aspects, such as starting a new business. Whenever more taxes are imposed on starting businesses, it scares those who want to start them, leaving more people jobless.

If the government reduces interest rates, many young Americans can borrow loans and start businesses that end up giving job opportunities to their peers.


When more jobs are created, the more the economy thrives, and vices such as crime are minimized. The government and all the respective stakeholders should work tirelessly to develop more ways to create jobs for a better economy.

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