Unique and Surprising Jobs that Are Growing in 2021 and Beyond

Traditional jobs like accountants, lawyers, doctors are sure to stay around, but if you are in search of a unique job or career path, keep on reading. Below are some of the most unique, outstanding, and potentially lucrative jobs for 2021 and beyond. Each of these positions is projected to grow over the next decade.

Ice Cream Taster and Environmental Protector Earn Spots for Uniqueness

During the hot summer months, ice cream taster may be the top unique job of 2021. That's right, you would get to taste ice cream and get paid for it. Sometimes called a flavorologist, this job requires you to test and evaluate the taste, quality, texture, and other factors that go into making great ice cream. You may even be involved with inventing new flavors. Most surprising of all perhaps is that the average annual salary is around $50,000, with even higher earning potential. If that's not to your taste, another option is working as an Environmental Science and Protection Technician. This position can be with the government, or a testing laboratory, with one of the main responsibilities being conducting inspections to check on pollution. Technicians monitor environmental abuses and ensure that regulations are followed. One surprising aspect is that you usually only need an associate degree for this job.

Medical and Health Jobs

Those of you who are interested in medical or health industry jobs have many options. One is an Ophthalmic Medical Technician who conducts an eye exam and collects data before a patient sees an ophthalmologist. A surprising aspect with this position is that on-the-job training is often offered. Do you find X-rays interesting? A job as a Radiologic Technologist may be right for you since the main task of this position is taking X-rays. Paycheck surprise: about $60,000 per year on average. Around that same level of pay, you may also find work as a Respiratory Therapist someone who help patients with conditions such as asthma or pneumonia. Most people in this position work in hospitals, but some also work nursing homes. If behind-the-scene work is more your style, then a Clinical Laboratory Technician position could work for you. This job has you working with laboratory equipment studying cells and blood, and similar to the Environment Technician job above, usually requires an associate degree, or postsecondary certificate. Not as surprising, but certainly well-earned is the 2021 high-ranking Nurse Practitioner job. This vital position showed its hero status in 2020 and will continue to grow by over fifty percent in the United States, with annual earnings above $100,000.

Computer and IT Jobs

Tech-savvy, or willing to learn about technology? A range of jobs are open and growing with computer skills. Database Administrator is a central one with the primary responsibility of maintaining business information. Usually, a bachelor's degree in computer science is needed for this job, and sometimes a master's, but the pay is worth it with an average annual salary over $90,000. A step up the income ladder would be a Computer Network Architect, earning over $110,000 yearly for taking care of an organization's computer operations and upgrades. Perhaps surprising, this position has a close to zero unemployment rate. Among technology industry jobs, an Information Security Analyst designs and installs needed security for computer systems. Bachelor and Master's degrees are a usual requirement for these positions with earnings hovering around $100,000.

Jobs with Talent

If you have a unique talent, this may be an operative way to find an interesting job in 2021 and beyond. Cruise ships are hiring magicians, musicians, and dancers to provide entertainment for passengers. These jobs pay by contract (usually three to six months) with an average around $2,000 per week. Music Therapist is another viable option for those with musical skills, providing help to those at schools and mental health locations with a salary range from $20,000 to $135,000 per year. By extension, an audio engineer may be appropriate for you, transferring musical abilities to ensuring the sound quality at concerts and theaters.

Unique and interesting jobs are out there and reflect a growing trend, coinciding with the high June job predictions recently released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These unique jobs should help get you started developing a career path beyond the traditional. For more insights into finding the right job for you, visit such websites as FreshGigsClub.com.

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