Remote Jobs In Demand During New Pandemic Surge

Two weeks to flatten the curve. Just another month of lock-downs. Just keep your masks on and it'll be fine. Okay, as soon as the vaccines are released, everything will go back to normal. No, wait, everyone needs mandatory vaccinations or this will never be over. That might be depressing to read, but that has been the American government's promises to its citizens since the pandemic started near the beginning of 2020. The only one they haven't broken yet is the "everyone needs mandatory vaccinations" promise. Though if the former are any predictor, they'll find a way to break that one too. Media has people very angry and blaming everyone else, except the entity that should bear the blame: The government. Objectively speaking, it wasn't the virus that shut down the economy; it was the government. And amid fears that more lock-downs are on the horizon, we're dealing with a labor shortage in America while also a huge uptick in people looking for remote online work. In fact, the number of people looking to work online is up 460% from last year.

Everyone is perfectly free to believe whatsoever they want about this virus. Though it also doesn't hurt to ask questions. For instance, why did China open fully back up months before a vaccine was available? Why did Asian, Middle Eastern, African and South American nations, barring a few, stay completely open yet never had any pandemic? They're questions worth asking, as your American government is making plans to shut the entire nation down again, while some nations like Singapore and Thailand did completely fine without masks or lock-downs or even banning travel. The reason we say it's okay to ask those questions is that not doing so, and blindly agreeing with whatever the clickbait media proclaims, causes a lot of panic.

It caused a very odd toilet paper shortage in America last year. It caused a food shortage. Now, it's causing a labor shortage. There are millions more jobs available than people willing to fill them. A lot of economists claim that this is due to the fact that the state unemployment is still supplemented by $300 weekly from the federal government, and that's incentivizing people not to work and instead live off of unemployment checks. However, unemployment is usually finite, so there's something else at play here. Sociologists and some medical experts believe that it's due to people living in abject fear of the virus, in no small part because media cannot go a day without their doom-saying plague prophecies in order to get ratings. This has caused people to utterly panic and avoid real life.

We're going on two years in America where tens of millions of people have been so utterly terrified that they haven't been out in the sunlight or breathed a breath of fresh air because they wear masks even when home alone. Sure, this isn't a large percentage of people; though when speaking about the work from home remote genre, a few million people rushing in to find jobs in the system throws things out of whack.

The Danger to Full-Time Remote Workers

With the 460% uptick of people looking for remote work, it really poses a threat to people who have been working remotely for years. A lot of these people can come in and do remote work adequately enough to get hired, yet they don't really know enough about the genre to command the same amount of money as existing remote workers. So, this can easily lead to a situation, like we see with "scabs" in professional sports and unions, where these new workers are coming in and stealing jobs away from people who have been in the genre for a long time. The worst part: The current remote work force is not on strike, though still in danger of being undercut and underbid for their livelihoods.

While a lot of remote workers are angry that there's so much increased competition for their jobs now, it's really not the fault of the people seeking to work remotely. There is not a single media channel you can turn on your television, or a trending hashtag on social media, that does not push on you every single day that the virus is the worst thing to happen in history and you are going to die unless you do exactly what government tells you.

Many people are absolutely terrified to go outside and work a real job, and so they're trying to stay home and find remote jobs.This is an entirely unsustainable trend.

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