Fuzzy Job Math Works in Biden's Favor

After the first week of every month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releases their monthly Jobs Report for the previous month. For the longest time in the USA, nobody really cared what this report had to say. Yes, we know, sometimes people have jobs, and sometimes they don't. There's nothing really new to be gleaned here. But starting with President George W. Bush back in 2000, the BLS's Jobs Report became a must-read publication, as America's mainstream media would spend the first week of every month comparing Bush to Ronald Reagan and claiming that Republicans do not know how to run an economy. After the housing collapse in '08, the report became even more important, as the media would remind us all of what a great job President Barack Obama was doing. Under Trump, of course, the report was used to excoriate him for unemployment. Now that Biden's President, the Jobs Report has become an exercise in fuzzy math that always works in his favor.

Let us explain. You see, President Biden, through absolutely no fault of his own, inherited an America that was at the height of a global virus pandemic, where government closed down 80% of private businesses in America, and where we had a huge unemployment rate. To top that off, Biden signed an extension of a $300 supplemental unemployment benefit for everyone in America without a job, which expired last month on Labor Day. In other words, it's dishonest and unfair to compare Biden's presidency with anyone else's, as the circumstances for employment are wholly different. However, the way the media reads the Jobs Report now is an exercise is horribly biased mathematics that always work out in Joe Biden's favor.

What we mean is that people going back to work, who were previously unemployed, now count as new jobs created. No, this is not a biased piece against President Biden that is making this up. It is a demonstrable fact. If, for instance, someone lost their job due to COVID or some business closure, and they get that same job back, the BLS and the media count this as Joe Biden creating a job. This reflects positively on this administration. For every business that was forced closed by the government and lost every single employee, it counts to Joe Biden's credit as net positive job(s) creation on the BLS Jobs Report when they reopen.

Ironically, while Joe Biden and his administration was excoriating states like Texas and Florida for not enforcing mask mandates and for allowing businesses to open back up, they simultaneously accepted the credit for "creating" the jobs that were merely opened back up after these states removed their restrictions so that their economy could once again function. So while Biden was wagging his finger at how flippantly these states were treating the pandemic, he was patting himself on the back with his other hand, giving himself credit for the net American jobs gained, which he claims were created through his economic policies.

September's Jobs Report is set to be one of the most dishonest yet. Although not released yet, as of Thursday, Oct 5, the media and economists are already predicting that the Biden Administration and his policies have "created" 500,000 jobs, and so the news for the next two weeks will be that Joe Biden's economic policies are a great thing for America.

The Truth About America's Jobs

The simple truth of the matter is that we do not know if Joe Biden's economic policies are a great thing for America. It is something that has yet to be seen, because you cannot rightly claim that Arkansas allowing businesses to open so that 20,000 people get back to work is in any way, shape or form credited to a policy of Joe Biden's Presidency. It's dishonest and some may argue it's even immoral to lie to Americans on such a deep level.

The fact is that we do not have any new corporations or companies opening up as first-time businesses. We do not have anyone from overseas opening factories up. There aren't any actual new jobs being created, as least none that come close in number of the 500,000 the Jobs Report will credit Biden for. It's just the opposite. We're losing startups to Mexico and other places overseas. American restrictions are making it harder for startups to get off the ground.

All of the jobs now, said to be "created," are existing businesses opening back up and people who are no longer receiving government unemployment benefits finally getting back to work.

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