Are There Any Valid Online Career Choices Left?

Although the Internet has technically been around for a very long time, it never really took off as a household thing until the mid '90s. That's when dial-up connections and desktop computers started to become very popular. Today, with WiFi connectivity, a phone in everyone's pocket, and sleek and slim laptops, it's hard to believe how much the tech has changed. There was a time in the early 2000s where millions of people were starting to seek careers online. Blogging became huge and a way that people could make a living. A few years later, YouTube and other similar video (vlogging) sites exploded. App-creation, affiliate marketing, re-sellers; there were all sorts of different career options from which people could choose. Are any of those options still viable in 2022? Believe it or not, there are more career options available to you than ever before.

How can this possibly be true? After all, blogging is all but dead, and YouTube doesn't pay hardly anything for ads. There's no way that online careers can be even more popular, right? You have to take into consideration the fact that just about every single business and corporation out here now has an online presence; a brand that they nurture and care for while trying to profit. All of these businesses need marketing teams, content writers, and many have remote work opportunities where people can work for the company directly without ever having to leave their homes. When you add this genre to the mix, you're looking at far more career opportunities online than ever before.

It might be harder to become a huge seller of goods on eBay, or to make a lot of money pushing someone else's product as an affiliate, but you can look at the Internet as a new way to get a job. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense for a lot of people. For starters, you get to spend a whole lot more time with your family. This makes online careers an ideal opportunity for parents, especially single mothers. It also greatly reduces your overhead. You don't have to foot the bill for increased fuel expenses, and you don't have to purchase clothing just to wear at an office. You're sitting at home working.

Some of the best types of jobs people are finding now are in customer support. You can work remotely for insurance companies, big box stores, crypto companies, and much more. This especially helps if you have experience in any of these areas. You will go through a little bit of training, and then you can sit at home and answer customer calls and help people file insurance claims or return products. Of course, no one would say that this is necessarily going to be easy. However, it is a perfect example to illustrate that, yes, online careers are still very plentiful.

The best part about these sorts of online careers, where you're working a real job but just remotely, is that you can still come up through the ranks of your job. You can become the manager of the entire writing team or customer support staff. You can gain expertise and then get a new job title training others in how to work remotely. In fact, you have more opportunities working remotely than you do working on-location, for the simple fact that you can remotely access any area on the planet and don't have to physically travel.

Market Saturation is Serious

You may be wondering why blogging or making cool videos isn't really a lucrative career option anymore. Well, it's not that these choices are doomed to fail; it's just that it's much harder to break through due to so much competition. The market is truly saturated when it comes to vlogging about your day or making any sort of tutorials. If you look at people trying to be musicians online, literally only about one in a million break through with any popularity. Most people post their music videos and they sit at under 100 views.

There just aren't that many unique angles left in terms of being original online and making a big splash in these sorts of "passion project" careers. This is why it's probably in your best interest to look into finding a legitimate job online, and turning that into a career as you rise up through the ranks without ever even having to leave your home.

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